If you see me make sure you say I Don’t Do It – U DO IT!

U Do It wanted an easy-to-remember message that would convey his mission.

DJ Tom Young and his family are huge supporters of U Do It. Whenever U Do It is at The Club At Diamond Beach they always shout “I Don’t Do It – U DO IT!”

This quote embodies his mission which is to inspire his viewers to feel so empowered that they will do it for themselves. It’s a witty play on words. U Do It saying I Don’t Do It seems silly. But that’s the point. He doesn’t do it. You do it or U DO IT!

You’ll watch his video and you may choose to do it. Although he did it now you’re going to do it.

The example here is U Do It replacing the brake pads and rotor on his Dodge RAM 2500 diesel.

You may choose to attempt this on your own as a result. Or, like many others, you may appreciate the effort involved and leave the repair up to the professionals.

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