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U Do It wearing Patriotic Werk Jaqket with Bigginz

Welcome to the Official U Do It™️ Shop!

“I create content to educate and empower people to do things they didn’t know they were capable of doing before they started this adventure!”

And if you’ve seen U Do It’s content you know that most of the time he is wearing his own products. He does this for you so he can be certain that these products will stand up to the abuse that he puts them through. After all, he’s like a gorilla when he’s doing work.

His dad was an artist, a machinist, a woodworker, an outdoorsman, and a leader. His mother was a pianist, a typesetter, an artist, and a ceramicist. Both installed hard work ethic and the endless desire to question things and learn. He has always been an artist, a maker, and a tinkerer thanks to his parents.

And since December 2015 he has been creating content on YouTube. Just as his quote says, he shares how he designs, constructs, repairs, and maintains anything from a workbench to replacing brakes on a Dodge RAM. You can either feel empowered as a result of watching his videos. Or, you can feel educated enough to have a reasonable conversation with a professional where you can appreciate the effort involved.

His brand has become broader over time and is now part of No Cheese Records thanks to our friend and mentor Savvy Turtle.

Thank you for visiting and supporting U Do It!


Shipping within the USA

U Do It Shop offers shipping within the United States.


Premium Quality

Our clothing is of the highest quality and tested in typical work conditions by U Do It before it is added to our product line.


14-Days Return

If you received a damaged product contact us to discuss options.


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Secure payment is available through Stripe.

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